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How to Have a Real and Lasting Impact on Your Elected Officials

Leading up to the election of 2012, we had been involved in a very divisive environment not seen in this country since the late 60s and early 70s.  But, happily, there are no sieges on Native American/Indian lands, no snipers within ‘ghettos’ shooting at arriving fire fighters, no bombings of draft offices, banks, or post offices, no race riots on aircraft carriers or military bases, or that marches for civil rights, women’s rights, or war protests that end with attack dogs, bayonets, tear gas grenades, water cannons or murders.
With a divided Congress, the Citizen’s United court decision, corporations being people, the Tea Party and Occupy movements are ‘more civil’ compared to that era, but no less visceral.
The solution is simple: make elected officials more visibly accountable to the voter.  It is possible and can be done easily and effectively.  This solution may be a great idea or the emergence of a new version of mob rule.
If you’ve ever sent a note of complaint to your elected official and received an automated response with no resolution to your request or problem, this will solve it.
Here are the steps I propose:
 1. Create a member-based corporation, possibly a 501c(4), that is a self-sustaining non-profit beholding to no one person, company, lobby, or government entity;
 2. Membership is restricted only to registered voters verified by the state rolls;
 3. Membership is low cost or subsidized to defray the costs of a secure website, database and maintenance;
 4. When a member sends an eMail through the secured website based on a prospective piece of legislation, it can be only one of two different eMails;
  5. The eMail is recorded as a “pro” or “con” in the database for a specific bill under discussion and sent to their own respective elected official;
  6. The member is restricted to sending eMail ‘votes’ only to their own elected official;
  7. The member is then locked and prevented from voting or sending an eMail twice for that prospective legislation;
  8. For example, a running report would now list the following until the body passes or rejects the Bill:
            - Senator H. Jones, Bill #S556:    5,234 Pro | 19,009 Con;
  9. The membership can call up that bill at any time and see the number of pros and cons for that Bill only for their elected official;
  10. After passage or rejection, a report on how the elected official voted for that Bill would be included and listed with the above Pros and Cons from the aggregate membership;
  11. This last report would be published and sent to interested media in ample time for voters to view and consider prior to an election.
I have the business plan and the structure for the algorithms.  Contact us at, if interested.
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